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by Brian Hemsworth | March 7, 2012 8:55 pm

Southern California is a hotbed for some really great blogs. While many blogs are just shills and fronts for folks trying to “sell” services, we’ve found a number of them that we think are great reads. So, sit back, read, and enjoy some great blogging!









Jonathan Fitzgarald is a friend of ours and is currently the director of  business development for a leading Los Angeles law firm. More than all that, he writes the best blog we’ve found—ANYWHERE—on personal branding. As his “about” pages says, “Drawing real-life examples from some of our favorite personalities in entertainment, politics, and business, BAD for the BRAND™ provides commentary and advice on managing and promoting a strong, personal brand.” This blog is worth every minute you put into reading it.








This blog comes from Dr. Mark Goulston, a “business” psychiatrist. Mark has authored a number of best selling books, including his most recent “Just Listen,” as well as countless articles. Mark has the incredible ability of cutting through the fog and haze that surrounds not only today’s fast paced business world, but also our lives in general. Usable Insight will not only help you make it through the night, it will help make your days better, too.









Rob Cohen is an estate planning and trust attorney in Woodland Hills. His blog, thought, is as much about life as it is about law. Sometimes it crosses into the world of law, but it more about Rob’s experiences and examinations of life in general. Reading Rob’s blog is kind of like listening to Andy Rooney, or maybe even a Jerry Seinfeld monologue. You can almost hear, “did you ever wonder about…” when you read it. It’s a blog that is sometimes fun, sometimes serious, but always worth a read.










Lewitt Hackman General Law Blog[8]

Lewitt Hackman is one of Southern California’s leading multi-discipline law firms. Their attorneys are highly respected, are active in the community, and are prolific writers. This blog, one of two the firm puts out, is just what the title says: General Law. This is a great one-stop law shop, with tips, trends, and updates on all sorts of different topics. And while it is basically a legal blog, it’s very interesting reading for just about anyone.







Okay, this one may be a little self-serving, but that’s life. This is the blog written by our publisher, Jerri Hemsworth. When Jerri isn’t publishing Southern California Professional Magazine or designing award-winning advertising, she’s busy doing something for a non-profit. Building The Non-Profit Brand is blog she started to help Executive Directors of non-profits learn from the vast amount of research that is out there but sometimes hard to find. If you have a charity or philanthropy that is close to your heart, turn them on to this blog. They’ll thank you for it.



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