Rating Today’s Business Buyers: The Foreign Buyer

by Matt Coletta | June 4, 2012 12:02 pm

The decision to sell has been made. A business owner should be aware of the number of possible business buyers. Here is another of today’s most active categories of business buyers:

The Foreign Buyer

Second In A Series

Foreign buyers tend to arrive in the United States with plenty of funds and a huge desire to share in the American Dream. In addition, many have difficulty obtaining jobs in their previous professions because of language barriers, licensing, and specific experience. As business owners, at least some of these problems can be short-circuited.

These buyers work hard and long and usually are very successful small business owners. However, their business acumen does not necessarily coincide with that of the seller (as would be the case with any inexperienced owner). Again, a business broker professional knows best how to approach these potential problems.

Important to note is that many small business owners think that foreign companies and independent buyers are willing to pay top dollar for the business. In fact, foreign companies are usually interested only in businesses or companies with sales in the millions. •

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