Rating Today’s Business Buyers: The Individual Buyer

by Matt Coletta | June 13, 2012 2:53 pm

The decision to sell has been made. A business owner should be aware of the number of possible business buyers. Here is another of today’s most active categories of business buyers:

The Individual Buyer

Third In A Series

Most owners of small- to mid-sized businesses gravitate toward this buyer when it comes time to sell. Many of these buyers are mature (aged 40 to 60) and have been well-seasoned in the corporate marketplace. Owning a business is a dream, and one many of them can well afford. The key to approaching this kind of buyer is to find out what it is they are really looking for.

The buyer who needs to replace a job can be an excellent prospect. Although owning a business is more than a job and the risks involved can frighten them, this kind of buyer does have the “hunger”– and the need. A further advantage is that this category of buyer comes with fewer “strings” and complications than many of the other types. •

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