May 18, 2012

FacedIn, LinkBook, Twitrest & Pintwit: Who’s Doing What?

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Written by: Jerri Hemsworth
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Social Media Mash
Here’s a rundown on what’s happening in the world of Internet, mobile and social media.



As of our release date for this issue, Facebook was in the final prep stages for its initial public offering (IPO), and puts valuation on the social media site a little north of $90 billion. Investment experts are predicting this will add about $17 billion to Mark Zuckerberg’s personal worth.

Going Mobile

Global Cellphone Subscriptions: 6 million

Mobile Web Users Worldwide: 1.2 billion

Percent of Global Website Hits from Mobile Devices: 8.49%

Global Mobile Advertising ­Revenue in 2010: $1.6 billion

Global Mobile Advertising Revenue in 2015 (est.): $20.6 billion

* Source:

Ones To Watch


This microblog social network platform is a real up-and-comer. Launched in 2007, Tumblr is now averaging 13 billion views per month (yes, billion with a “B”). Why do people like it? Users say it’s like all the others rolled into one easy-to-use site, it’s app friendly, and best of all, it’s cool.


Pinterest takes the ease of photo posting from Instagram and combines it with the posting of comments like the Facebook “wall,” to create a surprisingly new and fun social experience. On paper, it doesn’t sound like much (what social media does?) but users seem to get addicted very quickly. You can “pin” images, websites, and just about any content to your “pinboards” in a virtual bulletin board environment. Companies are quickly jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, and while not confirmed yet, some Internet reporting agencies are indicating Pinterest, which was a startup in 2009, may already be the third largest social network in the U.S.

Global Social Media

­­WORLD’S BIGGEST SOCIAL SITES (estimated users)

Facebook: 900 million

YouTube: 789 million

QZone (mainland China): 480 million

Twitter: 300 million

Habbo (global, launched in Finland): 200 million

Google+: 170 million •

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Jerri Hemsworth
Jerri Hemsworth
Jerri Hemsworth is Founder/CEO and Creative Director of Newman Grace Inc. Established in 1996, Newman Grace demystifies and simplifies marketing by providing great strategies, great creative materials, and doing so in a friendly way that makes clients feel comfortable and cared for. Jerri is an Editor of Southern California Professional. She is an adjunct faculty member of Woodbury University where she teaches Graphic Design. She also sits on the advisory board of directors for Shane's Inspiration (, a non-profit organization committed to designing inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities.


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