A Social Media Program for Attorneys, Accountants, and Business Professionals!

Business development for professional services providers has become extremely competitive. The economy has caused more price sensitivity. And clients have proven that “loyalty” is a fragile thing.

How do you “break through the clutter”? How do you generate more referrals, and create more demand for your services? How do you get yourself recognized as a leader and the “go to” professional in your field?

The answer is to be perceived as an expert in your field!

Now there’s a way to jumpstart your “expert” marketing through an innovative program developed by Newman Grace Inc. It’s called the “Market Yourself As An Expert” Business Development Program.

This turnkey program will help you market yourself by the following:

• Boost your “Google” and search engine visibility
• Create an “expert article” published in a business magazine
• Post online your article, bio, and numerous links to your own website
• Promote you and your article on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs
• Feature you and your firm in Press Releases
• Help you focus your “expert” message with “keyword rich” terms
• Give you stunning “reprints” of your article
• Show you how to leverage your article and publicity into business
development for you and your firm

The “Market Yourself As An Expert” Business Development Program is a focused marketing campaign that will result in your being featured as a Contributor to Southern California Professional Magazine, a dual digital platform magazine that receives thousands of pageviews each month.

But more than just an article, it’s a complete marketing campaign, tailored to you and your practice area. This “Google-friendly” campaign gets your name out as an expert in your field, with valuable links back to your own website.

Here’s what the program includes:

• Bylined feature in Southern California Professional Magazine
• Publishing in “current issue” (3 months)
• Full editorial support (subject matter, article content, editing and proofing).
• Subject /practice exclusivity for current issue
• Archived in Southern California Professional Magazine forever
•  “Contributor” status online for 1 year
• Listing of your own blog on the homepage blogroll of ­www.socalprofessional.com for the 3 months of your article.
• Press release announcing publication
• Keyword-rich Tweets about your article for 3 months
• Keyword-rich Facebook posts about your article for 3 months
• Keyword-rich blog posting about your article
• 5+ links to your own website, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
• Custom HTML code to post “magazine layout” of article on your website
• PDF of your article in “magazine layout” with the cover of the issue in which your article appears.

If you were to hire a PR firm or professional, you would likely pay $1500-3500 a month for a 3-6 month period of time, just to (hopefully!) get one article published. That doesn’t include ANY promotion of the article once it’s published.

With the “Market Yourself As An Expert” Business Development Program we GUARANTEE publication!  Plus you get the full marketing campaign for 3 full months.

Are you ready to become a recognized expert in your field? To learn more or to inquire about availabilities in your practice area or field, contact Brian Hemsworth today at 818/713-1678, or email him at bhemsworth@newmangrace.com.






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