Ethical Issues For Attorneys Using Social Media

Posted October 28, 2013 by Brenda Hill

As attorneys rush to use social media, new issues are emerging that could cause trouble for some in the legal profession. There has been an argument of attorney advertising ethics since the Supreme Court opened the doors for attorney advertising back in 1977 (Bates v. Arizona State Bar 433 U.S. 350). To this day, many […]

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Social Media Mash
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FacedIn, LinkBook, Twitrest & Pintwit: Who’s Doing What?

Posted May 18, 2012 by Jerri Hemsworth

Here’s a rundown on what’s happening in the world of Internet, mobile and social media. Valuation FACEBOOK AT $90+ BILLION As of our release date for this issue, Facebook was in the final prep stages for its initial public offering (IPO), and puts valuation on the social media site a little north of $90 billion. […]

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Are Your Employees Blogging You Into Bankruptcy?
Human Resources

Are Employees Blogging You Into Bankruptcy?

Posted February 11, 2012 by Karen Gabler

An employer’s biggest productivity concern used to be whether employees were taking personal calls or playing solitaire on the computer. Social media has added a new demand for employer protection from cyber activities. Today, technology is growing by the nanosecond, far too quickly for employers to keep up. Long-standing privacy considerations are at near-constant tension […]

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