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Alyse is a third-generation seller from a retail family. Growing up, her summer vacations were spent at her father’s business, cultivating social intelligence and gaining conversational savvy …  selling! But despite all her on-the-ground experience, when Alyse aimed for a position selling TV advertising, she was rejected as not being “aggressive” enough. Softer skills were out – power games were in.

Undaunted, Alyse landed a job with an entrepreneurial spirited start-up magazine group. There, she did what she knew best and became a million-dollar-plus producer, cultivating a “girls club” of loyal customers by “selling it like a woman,” not a man.

Today, emotionally and socially intelligent women and men are changing the way business works. Alyse believes selling is an art as well as a skill and can become natural. You can get better at selling doing the things that come naturally to you – building partnerships, telling authentic stories, being personal.

Alyse’s current passions are exotic teas, drumming, expressive movement, her husband, Russell, and her cat, Cookie. She served on the advisory board at Leeza’s Place, a non-profit for caregivers.


Sell It Like A Woman

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